A new variant of Find X3 Pro


After information about famous smartphone companies in the market that are cooperating, rumors about Oppo have appeared recently. People assume that maybe Oppo is working with Kodak to change some things on smartphones. It’s probably not a new product, but maybe it’s an accompanying device that we don’t know yet.


The company itself confirmed the incident and on September 16, the new product will be launched in China. Photographer Edition can be the name of this variant. Its back is very special with about two-thirds of the back is leather and the rest is glass like the standard Find X3 Pro models.

Based on other images, we can see that the lanyard, charger, carrying case, and headphones are all stylized with a ton sur ton with the smartphone. We can find this special X3 pro also keeps the IP68.

This variant is still the same as the standard version with only a slight difference because Oppo wants to honor the Kodak camera design. That’s why it still has not only a super high-end camera set including a 50MP ultra-wide main camera, 3MP microscope lens, and a 13MP 2X telephoto camera but also 30W wireless charging, 65W wired charging, and a 4.500 mAh battery. Information was claimed by Digital Chat Station.

Currently, Oppo has no official information about the price of this variant. However, if the camera company Kodak gets involved, it could be a good partnership.