A patent for Huawei’s V-Pencil suggests a killer Mate V folding feature


Foldables are back in style thanks to Samsung’s more aggressive marketing of its third-generation handsets. While the Galaxy Z Fold 3 has the most features and is the subject of the most debate, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 is being portrayed as the more quiet success of the two. Samsung’s competitors may be taking note and upping their game as a result of the foldable clamshell’s reasonable price. Huawei was likely to have a ruse up its sleeve to get people to buy its anticipated Mate V clamshell.

Huawei already possessed a foldable phone – the Mate X, which debuted around the same time as the original Galaxy Fold. Being different from Samsung’s design, which has adhered to the “innie” fold from the start, Huawei’s initial Mate X had an outward folding display before switching to an inside fold with the Mate X2. Outside of the Mate X series, Huawei hasn’t released any more foldable devices, but that could be altered soon.

Last year, rumours of a Mate V foldable surfaced, implying that Huawei will compete with the Galaxy Z Flip and the forthcoming Motorola Razr. Those were just rumours and supposition based on trademark filings, and nothing confirmed them. Yet, a new trademark shows that the corporation hasn’t given up on that front just yet.

LetsGoDigital believes that the Huawei V-Pencil, which the firm just trademarked, is meant for the Mate V foldable. Although the trademark refers to an electronic pen or stylus, Huawei already has an M-Pen or M-Pencil for its tablets. This new trademark would imply that it intends to utilise this name for something altogether different, potentially related to the impending Mate V gadget.

If Huawei is successful in launching a foldable clamshell with stylus compatibility, it may have a winner on its hands. There have been numerous requests for S Pen functionality on the Galaxy Z Flip 3, so Huawei may find a market for it. Of course, Huawei’s issue may be one of software, at least for those unfamiliar with the company’s HarmonyOS.