Apple iPhones may soon be able to change your vehicle seat and air conditioning settings


Apple is developing a new technology dubbed “Iron Heart.” Iron Heart will be able to control temperature, humidity, speakers, and other features.

You may soon be able to use your iPhone to operate your car’s temperature system, radio, seats, instrument cluster, and much more. Apple is developing a new technology dubbed “Iron Heart.” Apart from taking calls and playing music, you’ll be able to utilise CarPlay in a variety of additional ways.

According to the report, the technology is still in development and will require input from automobile makers. In addition, the report indicates that the technology may make advantage of Apple’s smart home push with Homekit, which includes an API that automobiles can use to communicate with and operate sensors.

Astonishingly, Apple deleted numerous API functions from Sirikit in iOS 15 that might have assisted in controlling various aspects of the cars.

Depending on the automobile and the amenities it offers, IronHeart technology will be able to change things like temperature, humidity measurements, speakers, equalisers, tweeters, subwoofers, armrests, speedometer, tachometer, seats, armrests, and so on.