AudioMob: 75 percent of players prefer audio ads in game


The UK’s audio ad solution AudioMob has found out that 75 percent of mobile users prefer audio ads to other forms of ads in video games, with audio ads having a 1,000 percent higher click-through rate.


In its research, AudioMob said 61 percent in the case of 18-24 years old listen to music while gaming on mobile. The lower number was recorded in older players, with 49 percent of those aged 24-34, compared to 44 percent of those in 35-44 age group and 34 percent of those aged 45-54.

However, it is worth noting that a majority of players still like listening to music while gaming.

Moreover, the findings also revealed that 86 percent of UK adults dislike in-game video ads.

In a tested focus group, AudioMob found that every player hearing an audio ad with a clickable banner could recall what was advertised. It added that all players continue playing while hearing an audio ad, meaning that the audio ads do not affect or deter their gameplay.

Audio ads win over players

AudioMob stated that a player clicks through on an AudioMob ad once every 1.4 listens, higher than click-through rates seen in other in-game mobile advertising options where the rate of 0.08 percent is more common.

 “Having consumers that are willing to engage with ads is always important but audio is a format that really enables more cut-through and retention,” said AudioMob co-founder and CEO Christian Facey.

“This format has seen more long-term engagement with brands, artists and musicians than ever before. Allowing people to dually participate in activities and audio is becoming necessary in building long-standing relationships.”, he added.

In early September, in-game audio ad platform Odeeo announced that it has raised 1 million USD in seed funding.

Odeeo co-founder and CEO Amit Monheit said audio has one major benefit over the other or the existing ad formats. It accompanies the gameplay rather than disrupting the gameplay or pausing the game experience.