Clubhouse now has a new Music Mode, which may turn it into the place to play


Amazon is rumoured to be working on its own live music platform

Clubhouse faces stiff competition from large corporations vying for control of the live audio market, but it may have an advantage in one area. The business is introducing a new Music Mode that may make it a better venue to play as well as and listen to live music, ahead of Amazon’s rumoured entry into the area and Twitter’s rollout of “ticketed places” where musicians can also organise events. Spotify also possesses a live audio app.

If you’re a Clubhouse musician, or you prefer to listen to live music on the app, the new Music Mode “optimises Clubhouse to broadcast your music with excellent quality and superb stereo sound”. Clubhouse doesn’t define “high quality,” but it does claim that you may now connect professional equipment, such as a USB mic or mixing board, to your broadcast and utilise it. In late August, Clubhouse introduced spatial audio, which makes discussions feel more like they’re taking place in a room full of people rather than a flat audio call.

By clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of a room, selecting Audio Quality, and then Music, you may quickly activate Music Mode. You won’t have to do any of this if you just want to listen to the performance, you just need to sit back and enjoy stereo audio through your headphones, speakers, or your phone itself.

Clubhouse also stated that its newly launched Clips function, which allows you to record a 30-second clip, would facilitate stereo sound as well, so you may save a fragment of a performance in Music Mode with the same audio quality. Music Mode will be accessible on iOS first, but Clubhouse promises that Android will be available soon after.

Clubhouse has upgraded its search feature in addition to Music Mode. The search bar will now be shown at the top of your hallway, which is more handy. Besides, you will be able to Wave to pals directly from the search bar, which is a function that allows you to rapidly invite people to a live audio room.

Clubhouse doesn’t have to compete with Amazon for live audio. When Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and even Spotify launched their own audio-only chat rooms this year, Clubhouse presumably learnt its lesson. All of this happened when Clubhouse was still an invite-only app, making it difficult for it to grow. However, now that the app is a success, Clubhouse wants to preserve as many benefits as possible.

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