Google is reportedly working on a second foldable phone


Sources told 9to5Google that the Android 12.1 update is going to improve the new foldable phone experience.

There have been rumors of new device with a nicknamed “Jumbojack”, that might be expected at the end of the year.

Android 12 will be the first to arrive, but Android 12.1 will include useful information and capabilities for clamshell phones.

This version alluded to a foldable smartphone. Jumbojack is its code name. Pixel Fold has been reported to be codenamed Passport, so Jumbojack could be the next version of clamshell phone from Google.

Without any specific information proving Jumbojack will be released, it is most likely just an internal test version of Google Company. Nevertheless, has specifically mentioned the “Jambojek” as a pixel device that raises our expectations for its official launch.

According to some speculations, “Jumbojack” is being used to test foldable features on Android 12. A new “posture” API that indicates the physical state of the device was one of the items being tested (opened, closed, half-opened, and flipped). We previously stated that Google is developing animations for this purpose in Android 12. According to the source of today’s report, there will be screens two on the Pixel clamshell phones: one inside and folded, and another smaller panel on the outside of the device.

Although Evan Blass, a reliable leaker, revealed this morning that Google will rollout Passport before the end of 2021, there is no word on when or even if Jumbojack will be commercially available. Google has been researching and manufacturing this  device for more than two years, and people are looking for the final result of their efforts.

According to 9to5Google, “Jumbojack will also seemingly feature two displays, and when this Pixel is folded, the second display becomes unavailable. This suggests a design along the lines of the Galaxy Fold, with a large inner display and a smaller outer one.”

In fact, Google seems to be more serious about foldables than previously thought, as the company prepares to launch its first true flagship competition with the Pixel 6.