Google Meet rollout low-light mode on Web


In the middle of the epidemic, video conferencing using rate level are at an all time high. Due to that, many people have trouble attending meetings with inadequate lighting. Not everyone has the advantage of having a well-lit home or room to facilitate a video conference. Because of the different time zones, you may have to work at night, which means the lighting conditions aren’t ideal all the time. Therefore, Google – the video conference tool of Google meet, is launching a low-light mode to ease your video call lighting issues.

We have less influence over our working environment at home than we have at work. There are instances when we don’t have much control over what our current conditions are before a video meeting begins, from distractions to room layout to weather conditions. To compensate, video conferencing services have begun to incorporate AI, computer vision, and algorithms, and so is Google Meet.

This automatic light adjustment was brought out to Meet on Android and iOS last year. It contains simple operations in using the phone’s sensors to determine lighting conditions and AI to adjust the video feed. So that brightens up your day. This feature is helpful for everyone joining in the meeting.

Google Meet has been seeing a lot of improvements lately as they compete with the more popular apps like Zoom. It turns out curious that Google Meet had to spend a year working on the same feature for its Web version. As many computers or webcams don’t have ambient light sensors, smarter algorithms are used to define a low-light instance.

“Having too much light behind you—such as a window on a sunny day—can also be challenging for many cameras. Google Meet on the web now automatically detects when a user appears underexposed and enhances the brightness to improve their visibility,” the company said.

The new feature is being rolled out to Google Workspace, G Suite Basic, and G Suite Business users. Once you receive the update, the feature will be enabled by default, and admins will have no control over it. Google also warns that this feature may cause your device to slow down. You can manually turn it off if you want other apps on your computer to run faster.