“Google Original Chips” – Google’s marketing campaign


To start the marketing campaign for the Tensor chip, Google has launched an extremely interesting product: potato chips. The Tensor chip is the first SoC manufactured by Google itself. The concept of this potato chip promotes both the company’s Tensor and Pixel 6 chips.

“Google Original Chips” is a play on Google’s words, chip means both potato chip and Tensor chip. What a unique idea. In a promotional video, this pack of chips was used as a smartphone with a Google chip. The AI ​​techniques used by the company to create it and its functionality are compared to some of the best Android phones.

“A genuine chip manufactured in-house for the new Google Pixel 6. Made by 100% Google, it has a crispy finish. You should enjoy the deliciousness of freshly made Hokuhoku.”

The packaging of this snack product is also similar to the Pixel 6 smartphone with the characteristic horizontal black line.

Only the first 10,000 customers will receive this gift, when that number is reached, Google will stop producing this potato chip. It is currently available in Japan, and if anyone wants to try this unique product from Google, they have to wait and see if the company will produce and scale it again.

In August, details about the Pixel 6 were revealed and it is being widely advertised by Google. There is no specific information about the official launch date of this phone. According to some rumors, it will appear in October. However, we should wait for official information from Google.