Google’s message prompt feature


You won’t forget to reply to messages from now

Perhaps many of us have had problems with messages, we may forget to respond to an important message after we have finished reading it because we are busy doing something else that makes the sender unpleasant when they do not receive an early response from you.

Now you won’t have to worry about it anymore because these messages will be brought to the top of the chat list. This is a new feature of Google Messages using “Nudges” in the new beta and it is announced in the APK summary from XDA-Developers.

This new version of Google Messages may work similarly to an already existing feature in Gmail. We can mark messages to follow and messages to respond to via the split of the APK.

Currently, there is no official information about the appearance of this feature in the beta version of Google Messages, so it is not possible to give an exact closing word. However, it is likely to be released because it has been used with great success in Gmail.

You can manually set reminders in Google Messages, but it isn’t automatic, so it’s easy to have problems. Therefore, you should use automated tools and you will no longer forget to reply to messages.