It’s All About Metroid: Different M On Twitter Right Now, Forget Dread


Metroid Dread may have just been released for the Nintendo Switch. Although it’s fantastic, the buzz on social media is all about Group Ninja’s Metroid: Other M, which was released in 2010. While it was generally well-received at the time, it has since gone out of favour.

So, what’s the big deal this time? While many have been discussing MercurySteam’s newest release, it appears that an offshoot of that discussion is whether or not ‘Different M’ was a blot on the Metroid collection’s history. A number of Metroid fans appear to be “defending” the game, despite the fact that others do not like it. This is a selection of just a few of the numerous reactions to this topic, which has already elicited more than 80k Tweets.

Despite everything, how do you feel about Different M right now? Have your thoughts on it changed now that you’ve played Metroid Dread? We wanted to know what Metroid fans on Nintendo Life thought, so please vote in our poll and leave a comment below.