Microsoft’s Surface Adaptive Kit is today’s most ubiquitous release


For a Surface Adaptive Kit, Microsoft has developed a collection of sticky-backed, robust, and custom-cut materials. Keycap labels, 3-dimensional bump labels, port indicators, and openers are included in this package. Users may customise their Surface devices to their hearts’ content with these components. This type of kit should be available from all hardware makers — if you create moving components, 3D labelling and add-ons like this should be standard right out of the box.

One set of 12 keycap labels, one set of 16 3-dimensional bump labels, one set of 5 port indications, one ring opener, one pull tab opener, and one keycap applicator are included in this package. Each set contains a variety of colours to match whatever device you have on hand and/or to aid in the colour identification of particular buttons and/or ports. Gray, white, green, orange, red, blue, and yellow are some of the colours used.

The keycap applicator supplied in the package may be used to apply the labels on the keycaps. With tactile indications, these labels “emphasise keys for confident touch engagements”. The user gets “additional leverage and flexibility to more easily open the lid or kickstand of a Surface device” with the opener support (which includes one ring opener and one pull tab opener).

Even if this equipment was created with certain users in mind, it could be utilised by just about anyone. Modifying one’s hardware in this way is the kind of thing that helps a person fall in love with their own one-of-a-kind buy the more they engage with it — providing the hardware and materials that make up this kit can withstand the test of time.

Microsoft has a list of compatible Surface devices, although they may work with almost any laptop. The Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard, Number Pad, and Designer Compact Keyboard are all compatible with this package, according to Microsoft. You may also utilise the kit with a Surface Laptop 4 or 3, a Surface Studio, a Surface Pro 7, 7+, or 8, a Surface Book 3, or a Surface Dock 2.

We’ll find out more about the kit’s release date and pricing in the near future. Please stay tuned this afternoon to see the remainder of Microsoft’s new Surface devices and accessories, which will be available on the SlashGear review bench in the near future!