ReVamp – Descendant of Among Us is about to be released on Snap Games


On Friday, Zynga announced that Snapchat’s gaming platform is getting a new game called ReVamp. It is a social deception game and is soon brought to Snapchat by the developer. The popularity of games like Among Us inspired the development of this game. Players must try to find a vampire among them in this real-time multiplayer game.

Zynga said: “Players in ReVamp aim to reveal who the vampire player is among their group of friends while they renovate the rooms of an old mansion.” The similarity between ReVamp and Among Us is that the players join the voting round and they have to carefully consider who are impostors but in ReVamp, the impostor is a vampire, not an alien in space as Among Us. ReVamp is the third game to appear at Snap Games published by Zynga. With the outstanding achievements of Among Us, ReVamp seems to be popular on Snap’s games platform.

After launching Bitmoji Party, Snap first added the Snap Games feature to Snapchat in 2019. The company has partnered with other developers, and other interesting games have appeared more and more since then. According to Venture, Snap Games has 30 million monthly players, more than 200 million people have played with Snapchat’s mini-games and apps.

While that number is lower than Epic’s claim in 2020 (350 million players), it’s still a proud achievement. That could change quickly if more than 293 million people use Snapchat’s app daily, and the claim will soon come true.