Rhythm Motion Roguelike BPM: Bullets Per Minute is currently available


What is BPM?

Bullets Per Minute is a rhythm-action FPS roguelike in which you must shoot, bounce, dodge, and reload to the beat of an amazing rock soundtrack that will have you headbanging along. The pulsing synthesisers and shattering guitars accompany you as you struggle your way through the trip, which NME has described as “Steel as Hell.”

Choose a champion to vanquish the hordes and return them to Helheim. Every Valkyrie starts with a unique weapon and stats that may be improved as you advance through the stages. Explore randomly generated dungeons, collecting a variety of weapons and talents to aid your trigger. However, please keep in mind that each dodge, bullet, and reload must be done in time with the music. A series of missing notes might spell your doom, so keep your ears open for these rhythms!

Every stage creates a variety of adversaries with different rhythmic behaviours at random. When you defeat them, the room is cleared, and you may go on to the next level. Each field has a boss, and like every adversary, each boss attacks and hits in a unique way that you must be taught to exploit if you want to succeed. After defeating seven bosses, you’ll be able to confront Nidhogg – a legendary adversary.

To facilitate you in combat, you’ll find shops on the ground where you may purchase health, armour, weapons, and upgrades. You’ll also be added to their loyalty programme, allowing you to accumulate points and receive these improvements. In addition, as you go through the various chambers, you’ll come across a variety of shrines. Make certain to check them out and half technique with some cash. Depending on the shrine, you may be blessed with a capability boost or a product.

Are you a newbie or a seasoned veteran of rhythm-based video games?

BPM has a variety of problem modes, making it accessible to both novices and executives. From ‘application mode,’ where everything is slowed down to allow novices to grasp the snapping photographs and reloading to the beat, or enable the auto-rhythm found inside the options menu – all the way to the most challenging level: “hellish.” Are you brave enough to take on the challenge?

If that wasn’t enough, issue rooms appear randomly throughout each stage, allowing you to test your steel.

BPM: Bullets Per Minute is now available on Xbox One, and it can be played in 4K 60fps on the Xbox Sequence X|S. Prepare to defeat the Helheim rulers!

Bullets Per Minute (BPM)

Even if they have no history of epilepsy or seizures, a tiny percentage of people may experience seizures when exposed to certain light patterns or images. Awe Interactive created BPM, a rhythm-FPS game. As a powerful Valkyrie, fight to keep the armies of the underworld from conquering Asgard.

Your every activity, as well as your adversaries’ actions, is connected to the beat of the music in BPM. Your opponents attack in a dance-like pattern set to an epic rock opera. It’s fast, frantic, and rhythmical, as though inspired by classic shooters from the 1990s. To avoid your opponents, you can double bounce, sprint, rocket bounce, and bunny hop.

Your goal is to reach the top of randomly created dungeons while collecting a variety of weapons, abilities, and gadgets each time you play. These weapons and talents may drastically change the way you play, making each game unique.

To beat the ultimate boss, you must fight 7 bosses. Every boss attacks and hits in their own unique way, which you must learn to exploit if you are to prevail. Some attacks call for you to leap across lava fields, avoid rapid missiles, and carry quickly for a beat.

With the Overdrive replacement, get ready to inspect your steel. New characters, weaponry, a new storyline, and entirely new issue modes: Hellish and Follow.

Here is the list of various options: 

  • Fight swarms of foes while shooting, bouncing, and dodging to the rhythm.
  • Engage in challenging boss battles against highly effective bosses that may push you to the limit.
  • Explore dungeons that are produced at random.
  • Choose from ten diverse characters, each with its own set of skills and limitations.
  • Use a diverse armoury of weapons, each with its own unique shooting and reloading behaviour to the rhythm of the music.
  • Fight a wide variety of opponents, each with their own rhythmic patterns.
  • Become powerful and fire shotgun rockets while soaring through the air.
  • Make the most of talents like teleport and freeze, which completely change the way you play the game.
  • Choose from over 60 different gadgets that enhance your persona in unique and eye-catching ways.
  • Know how to compose an epic rock opera soundtrack.
  • Additional gameplay in the form of problem modes.