SpaceX CEO: Starlink service to exit beta next month


CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk has said on his personal Twitter page that Starlink’s satellite internet service will exit beta status in October, a step closer to a wider launch and coverage.

Initially, Starlink was scheduled for being out of beta by the end of summer. Given Musk and his companies have a history of being optimistic for the deadline of projects that finally get stalled by technical hurdles and other practical realities, it remains a question whether he will be able to fulfill his promise or not.

Starlink is designed to improve Internet speed by sending thousands of small satellites into orbit , where they form constellations of flying routers that beam connectivity back to Earth.

Since its beta was launched last October, Starlink has served over 100,000 users in different countries via 1,700 satellites. As of May, the company claimed that it received more than 500,000 orders.

However, Musk said SpaceX does not guarantee that all orders will be delivered soon. The first 500,000 orders are likely to be fulfilled but when the number grows to millions, more challenges are inevitable.

He added that the service delivery in densely-populated areas might be a problem, but it is unlikely in sparse and remote areas.

At present, the company is licensed to offer 1 million user terminals in the US, but it expects a maximum of 5 million to better serve customers.

SpaceX is reportedly working to increase production capacity to deliver orders more quickly.