What do you think? Is the iPhone 13 series hot or not?


Apple has unveiled the iPhone 13 family – the company’s newest smartphone range. The vanilla variety, the Mini, the Pro, and the Pro Max are all available as they were last year.

All of them are the same sizes, so there aren’t many new features to choose from. On the other hand, Apple managed to squeeze some superior lenses and larger batteries into the Pro versions. Finally, the notch was able to be shrunk.

Apple is also bringing ProMotion – their proprietary branding for fast refresh rate displays – to the iPhone 13 series. This capability is available on the two Pro models, while the other two are stuck at 60Hz.What do you think of the iPhone 13 series?




Given that these phones are slightly better than last year’s while maintaining the same pricing, Apple is providing a good value in 2021. However, the lack of significant improvements such as always-on displays and improved camera technology is disappointing. All in all, it’s still good in general.

What are your thoughts on the subject? Fill out the survey above to tell us if you believe the iPhone 13 series is hot since it keeps the price the same while adding a few additional features. In case you believe Apple has been stingy with improvements, please select “not really.”

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