When you’re too tired to write, Uber Eats now offers emoji searches


Have you ever been weary after a long day at work and suddenly found yourself so hungry that you can’t muster the energy to make a meal, or even type a full search term? If you are usually in that situation , Uber Eats’ most recent upgrade is for you. Users may now search for a certain food item by typing an emoji into the search bar instead of typing words.

The Uber Eats app now allows users to put in an emoji to find local restaurants and merchants that sell that item — and yes, the map uses the same emoji to show these possibilities. Aside from the jokes, the choice is beneficial for individuals who have trouble spelling, are still learning their native language, or are travelling overseas.

The burger emoji is an example of this new function that Uber provides – regardless of what language you speak, an image of a burger neatly conveys the notion of a burger. The map displays the user where they may locate local meal options, as well as which locations are the nearest to their present position.

If you’re not in the mood for a burger, try the pizza emoji, sushi emoji, or even the ice cream cone emoji if you’re looking for a sweet pleasure. The pickup map includes cards with more comprehensive information about the restaurants shown on the map, as well as user reviews.

Apart from this new feature, the Uber Eats app stays unchanged . You can still do regular word searches if you don’t feel confident enough to utilise your favourite emoji. Food and other items such as alcohol and fast food can be ordered for delivery or pickup using the app