While Facebook’s apps were unavailable, Snapchat and Telegram sessions and downloads dramatically increased


While Facebook’s applications were down last week, users took advantage of the opportunity to use alternative social networking and messaging apps to pass the time.

According to Sensor Tower statistics, Snapchat had the greatest increase in time spent among existing users, with a 23 percent rise. Twitter usage increased by 11%, while TikTok experienced a 2% increase. Signal and Telegram, two messaging applications, had 15% and 18% growth respectively.

During the downtime, the Instagram app had a 28% reduction in usage, while Facebook for Android saw a 24 percent drop and WhatsApp saw a 25 percent drop in usage. Messenger’s popularity has plummeted by 20%.

In fact, the changes in user behaviour are just transitory since Facebook was able to resume service. However, when combined with privacy concerns, it may spell doom for the social media platform in the long run. Sensor Tower also looked at app sessions during the outage and discovered that Snapchat had a 14 percent increase in sessions, Telegram had a 13 percent increase, and Signal had a 9 percent increase. Twitter increased by 5%, while TikTok decreased by 1%.

The outage of WhatsApp resulted in a spike in the use of rivals such as Telegram and Signal. Signal instals increased 12 times to 881,000, while Viber installs increased 630 percent day-over-day to 1 million, and Telegram instals increased 530 percent.

It just goes to demonstrate that app users aren’t as devoted to Facebook as the company may have anticipated.